The Ultimate “My Texas” Bucket List

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and that includes my Bucket List! 

Being a military family we have moved a handful of times. My husband and I were born and raised in the Dallas – Ft. Worth, area where we spent 21 years before the Military sent us off to Spokane, Washington. Five long, cold, and snowy years later we were sent to a warmer and friendlier climate in Oklahoma and could not have been happier. We love it here and have considered making it our forever home after retirement. We survived a Tornado, and I became a University of Oklahoma Alumni, (BOOMER!) so I think it’s safe to consider ourselves Oklahoman’s! 
Don’t get me wrong, we’ll always be Texans at heart! Nothing can or will compare to Texas! We are those people that are 110% proud of where we came from and we can prove it with a number of random facts as to why Texas is better than any other state.

Prime example: Texas has HEB grocery stores. If you’ve never been to one then you are totally missing out! They are the absolute BEST! Texas shaped tortilla chips? Yes, please!! As my family and I travelled down to Spicewood, Texas for the long weekend we put our “Texas Music” playlist on to start the road trip off right with a little Pat Green – Southbound 35! Which then lead to an all-time favorite by Josh Abbott Band – My Texas.

We listened the first time and started to talk about all the great things mentioned and checked off the things we have been lucky enough to experience. Three more listens and it became apparent that a Texas Bucket list is completely necessary.

Enchanted Rock GraphicClimb up to Enchanted Rock: Bucket List – This place is gorgeous, but the camping spots fill up fast, so make sure you book your spot early.

Drink a Cold Shiner Down in Luckenbach: Check – I drank a cold Shiner in Driftwood, Texas, which is pretty close to Luckenbach. Does that count?

Taken your Baby to the River Walk: Check – Of course! If you are an Air Force spouse or family member, it’s likely you went to the River Walk after a Basic Military Training graduation.

Floated down the ‘Ol Frio: Bucket list – Although, I think the Guadalupe is close in comparison and we have definitely done that.

Heard Red Dirt Music on your Radio: Check – If you are from, know someone from, or have visited any part of Texas for more than an hour you can check this off your list.

Eaten Cooper’s down in Llano: Not in Llano, but in Ft. Worth for sure. Check!

Been to the Houston Rodeo: Check – I went twice in one year. The first time with some girlfriends to see Pat Green, and then again to see the one and only George Strait with my grandmother.

Sing “Carry On” at a Pat Green show: Check, tenfold.

Seen an Abilene Sunset: Bucket List – I hope to mark this one off my list as I’m passing through, not staying.

Caught Trout Down in Port A: Semi- Bucket List. For the non-natives, “Port A” is short for Port Aransas. I’ve been a hand full of times but have never caught Trout, just a small shark. Yes, I said shark. No, I’m not kidding. Port A Blog Graphic

Heard the words to Corpus Christi Bay: Check – Robert Earl Keen, a popular Texas Country musician that produced songs you could never forget the words to.

Fireworks on PK: Seeing that I’m a Dallas – Ft. Worth primitive I’m embarrassed to admit this is a Bucket List item for me. “PK” is short for Possum Kingdom, which is a popular – and beautiful – lake just west of Fort Worth. It’s massive, and has Friday night Firework shows during the summer months.

Had a Kolache when you go Through West: Sadly, another Bucket List item for me. I’ve seen the famous Czech Stop 100 times, but have never stopped. Czech Graphic

Heard of the Larry Jo Taylor Fest: Check – Because I know all about this music festival but I still consider it a Bucket List item because I have never been. How is that possible? If my husband and I ever find a way to attend the festival we could check-off the other half of these Texas Bucket List items in one swoop.

Think Polished Pop-Country Crap Sounds the Best: Check-ish? Listen, I love a little Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan every now and then but I’m much more inclined to purchase an entire Chris Stapleton Album. Sorry not sorry? 

Been to the Ft. Worth Stock Show: Check – Duh!

Sang along with Cory Morrow: Check – His Live at Billy Bob’s Album is a favorite of mine.

Seen a Hill Country Sunset: Check – Thanks, to our recent camping trip down to this beautiful little place in Krause Springs.

Hiked through Big Bend: Bucket List – This place is booked well into 2018. If you want to see Big Bend, you need to reserve a camping site eight months to a year in advance. Everyone wants to experience this beautiful place. Including my family.

Had your Hair Blown Back by Lubbock Wind: Bucket List – We have never been to Lubbock. Texas is huge y’all, and Lubbock is so far west. We just haven’t had a reason to travel that way…yet.

Been Somewhere Where They Call you Friend: Check! Spend five minutes in Texas and this one is easy to accomplish.

Been to the San Antone Rodeo: Bucket List – San Antone is another way to pronounce San Antonio, depending on where your from in Texas usually determines your annunciation.

Sing “Everclear” at a Creager Show: Bucket List – I have sang a long at concerts with other performers that can cover this song perfectly.

Seen an El Paso Sunset: Bucket List – This one is similar to Lubbock, I’m just not sure if or when we will ever travel that far west.

texas happy place

So, there ya have it, my Texas Bucket List. What are some of the things you have done in greatest place on earth that you could mark off this list? 

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